Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hey, you! Give yourself a raise!

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When you’re a mama your wants and even NEEDS usually come last. The wipes, the dipes (cloth in our case), and if you’re anything like us lots and lots of baby socks among a bazillion other things. On top of that, being a stay at home mom, though emotionally rewarding in the best way possible, doesn’t warrant a physical paycheck. I’m paid in giggles and slobbery open mouthed baby kisses which I love and are totally priceless. But sometimes mama wants a new bag or a pair of shoes. Heck, sometimes mama NEEDS a new pair of shoes unless she plans on walking to baby’s chiropractor appointment with bare feet. My daily shoes have been on the verge of shoe death for too long. In fact, the sole of my boot literally separated from the boot while I was cleaning road salt of them. I was heartbroken. Like seriously. It was bad, my friends.


This was a long time coming and I knew it. I figured I’d narrow my shoe choices down to my other pair of crappy black flats and keep on keeping on until I came across a company called Raise and their “Give Yourself A Raise Campaign” which is all about rewarding yourself for the hard work you put in each and every day.

If you’re like me and have lived this long not knowing what does, you’re missing out BIG TIME. You know that Gift Card that your grandma or Great Aunt sends you for Christmas to that place you haven’t shopped since you were 12 that will probably sit in your wallet for a couple years before you finally throw it away? You can make money off of that by selling them on Raise! will let you post the gift card, set your own price and someone will buy your gift card off of you! You can even do it with virtual gift cards! How cool is that?

But wait, there’s more.

You can also buy discounted gift cards to your favorite stores! FREE MONEY, Y’ALL! You can search for what gift card you’re looking for, compare prices and get the best deal. The first time I glanced around their marketplace I found a  $100 Starbucks gift cards for $79. That’s more than 20% off. And that’s a lot of free coffee. And they had tons of discounted gift cards to one of my FAVORITE shoe stores, Payless Shoes!

And I thought, hell, I DESERVE A NEW PAIR OF SHOES. So I went and got myself TWO PAIRS. How’s that for a raise?!


I think I’ll be giving myself a raise a little more often :)


( I was asked by Raise to join their Give Yourself  A Raise Campaign. All views about and their services are my own honest opinions. Seriously, they’re awesome. Check them out!)

All shoes available at Payless Shoes. Seriously, go get a pair. They're freaking adorable & they're offering free shipping on orders $35 or more!


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