Friday, April 4, 2014

The Mullet Diaries

Eisley’s hair is straight up nuts. It has decided to keep on growin’ just about everywhere but has broken off all nubbley like in just the right places to make it look like a mullet whether she’s upside down or right side up.


It has gotten to the point where if I don’t clip it back it’s in front of her eyes, but I can’t bring myself to give her bangs and make it an official mullet. So she’s been living with lots of clips and pigtails the past few weeks or else she looks like a goob. But a cute one. Exbit A above.




Eisley is so interesting to watch these days. Okay, I’ve thought that since day one, but her personality is blooming more and more each day. I Iove watching her do things. This day specifically she took my shoebox and put her rabbit into it and put her phone into it, and pushed it around the living room. How do kids figure this stuff out? I mean it seems so simple but I’m all “LOOK AT MY SMART BABY! SHE IS SO INOVATIVE!” She’s kind of a big deal. 

Also, I hope you enjoy seeing my home ‘ fo real’ style. Our house is definitely not tip top all the time. Most days at least half of Eisley’s toys are thrown on a blanket, under the couch, in the bathroom or a handful of other places that they probably should be for most of the day, my planner isn’t far out of reach so I can schedule sessions and appointments and at least one of my two notebooks is close by so I can jot down ideas, feelings or notes. Chewy is also usually creepin’ out the window making sure no bad guys are coming to cause trouble. And by bad guys I mean squirrels or little girls on tricylces (yeah, he’s not the smartest).

In other news, Eisley is going on her third week of adjustments and I’ve already started seeing a change. She takes two decently long naps a day now (weekends are the exception because Daddy is just wayyyy to exciting) and she hasn’t had a spell all week. I know some people think that it’s goofy and are all ‘'Oh yeah, ‘alternative medicine’ okay, yeah, sure, whatever.” but seeing is really believing. I am seriously amazed with the results we have seen already.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!


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