Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring, spring, where are you?


Spring appears to be JUST around the corner. Thanks to daylight savings time, our entire house has been a little bit off on our sleep schedules but that could also be attributed to the face that Eisley is in her own room full time now and is sleeping through the night but on a much different schedule than before. Anyway, the arrangement seems to be working amazingly well for us. We’ll see how that keeps up.

This past week I was inspired to start on my spring cleaning when someone posted about getting rid of 40 bags in 40 days on facebook. I started by going through all my makeup, nail polish & hair products and ‘donating’ them to my momma and sister. Oh lawd, this girl right here had WAY too much stuff. It was sad and exessive. Like SERIOUSLY. I had a moving box full of nail polish and nail/hand products. Like seriously. Isn’t that sad? I literally had to go to the attic and go through the box if I wanted to paint my nails. So I got rid of probably 4/5 of all the stuff and now all of my nail polish fits into a container roughly the size of a shoe box. All of my makeup (with the exception of pallettes) now fits into one small three drawer container and my hair products get half of a shelf. I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to do with our bathroom when we moved into this house that haven’t been able to happen because of all the clutter of product and nic nacs I had and the fact that our bathroom is the size of a mouse fart. I’m thinking that I’ll have to get some sort of basket action going on in order to make things look tidy. Our storage consists of a medicine cabinet, an over the toilet cabinet, and open shelving. So it’s basically all out. I’ll have to post photos and y’all can give me your honest opinions on what I should do because it’s really hard to make things look organized and pretty in our tiny mouse fart. :D


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