Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Om Nom Nom Nom Nom


Things have been wonderful lately. My business is officially up and running and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Eisley is growing up so fast which makes me so happy and tugs at my heart strings at the same time. She’s walking when stood up and trying really hard to get the hang of doing it when she pulls herself up. She’s sleeping in her own room and she loves it. We tried to move her during teething a few months back which didn’t work out well for anyone but now she’s happy as a clam up there. For the most part she’s slept through the night. Andrew even told me last night that he was tired because he “got too much sleep”. HAHAHAHA!

She turns 8 months old on the 15th and I can’t believe it. In only four months I will have a one year old. WHAT? Being the penny pinching mama I am, I’ve already begun planning so I can spread out purchasing décor and gifts and what have you. I’m really excited to do some DIY’ing for her party.

Baby led weaning has going great. Eisley loves food, doesn’t really matter what. I don’t think that she’s really tried anything she hasn’t liked yet. We also invested in some puffs as I’d heard many moms say that their kids loved them and Eisley is no exception. She giggles as she stuffs them in her mouth and tries to feed them to me as well, laughing as she smashes them into my lips and yelling “MAMAMAMAMAMA!” BLW is working really well for us. It’s wonderful to go out to dinner and just pull things from our plate and share with her. And she loves it too, which is very important. Maybe I will share some of our BLW recipes sometimes! Could be fun? :)



PS: Anyone watch the bachelor last night? Juan Pablo was being PRETTY sassy…

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