Friday, March 14, 2014

Eisley Mae: Seven Months Old


Eisley Mae Harnois
16 lbs 3.2 oz
26.5 inches long

Each and every day, I slowly watch my little squishy baby turn into a strong and independent little girl. Eisley is eating finger foods like a champ thanks to BLW, is working on figuring out her sippy cups & has become a fan of carrying things around in her mouth while she crawls around the living room. This includes but isn’t limited to toys, clothing and puffs. She loves Chewy more than probably anything in the world. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t quite understand her and usually avoids her. Lately, she loves standing next to her toy box and just digging through things and touching everything and it’s totally adorable. She still hates being put down for naps and usually takes three small naps instead of 2 decently long naps. Yesterday she insisted no one short nap and ended up going to bed at 7pm. As my friend Jessica would say it must be JBBB syndrome (just babies being babies).


Eisley started walking this month too! Only little bits at a time, usually 3 or 4 steps before falling, but she’s beaming and quite proud of herself when she does it. She’s standing up on everything & I don’t believe I’ve ever said “No, please!” so many times in my life. I’m sure it only gets worse from here, haha. Eisley also started swim lessons & though she isn’t a fan of the shower before hand (even though we took some with her to warm her up to the concept) she LOVES swimming lessons in general. She was a little tense the first lesson but at her second lesson she was kicking and splashing like a pro. Andrew and I have decided to switch swimming with her every other week so that she’s comfortable in the water with both of us. Eisley & I are so absolutely lucky that she has a daddy who’s so excited about doing things with her and taking on as much of the baby duties as I do.


The past two months Eisley has really transformed leaps and bounds and she has learned so much. I know it sounds cheesy, but I am happy every morning I wake up because I have this beautiful booger in my life. And having her awesome daddy to call my husband is pretty nice too.


And just in case you’re having a bad day, enjoy this photo bomb, brought to you by Chewy. 


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  1. such an awesome photobomb! happy 7 months to little Eisley!


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