Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 Things I Like About Myself

While scrolling through my Bloglovin’ feed this March afternoon, I saw that my girl Kayla of My Kind of Yellow had posted an AWESOME post as part of a link-up about 10 things she liked about herself. I feel like this is an extension of the post a did a few weeks ago about things I love about myself after having Eisley. Here goes!

Photo by: Honor Heindl Photography

1. I am a very driven person. I will work my patootie off to make my dreams happen. Or to make Andrew’s dreams happen. And I will do the same for my daughter and teach her to have a drive of her own.

2. I am stupidly financially responsible. I can attribute a lot of this to my parents who taught me the value of financial responsibility from a very young age. My frugality is a big reason that Andrew and I were able to buy our first home at only 21 years old.

3. I’m pretty okay at crafts. Creativity is a gene I got. That’s an awesome thing that I like about me.

4. My love of memory keeping. I love that my love of keeping memories will allow my daughter to look back when she’s older and remember all of the good and bad that have happened in her life because of my love of scrapping.

5. My ability to do hair. I may have decided hairstyling wasn’t the career for me, but I am pretty darn good at it. I am hoping to post some hair tutorials this spring, so keep your eyes peeled!

6. My eyes. Ever since I was young people have CONSTANTLY asked me if I’m wearing colored contacts. My eyes are now starting to hazel out a bit like my dads. I’m the lone blue eyed member of our household. Andrew, Eisley and Chewy all have brown eyes so I suppose that makes me pretty special around these parts.

7. I’m not half bad at interior design. At least in my own eyes, which is really all that matters because this is what I like about me, right? I am crazy indecisive when it comes to projects in my home (due to the insane frugality gene, dangit) but when I figure it out and get it right it looks great!

8. I’m committed. Andrew and I have had our moments of frustration and had our arguments, just as any couple, but we are quite a pair. We started dating as kids and basically grew up into adulthood with each other. We are committed have made it through all the potholes lifes thrown our way together and come out on the other side a billion times stronger. We are willing to do anything for each other, for our marriage and for our family. I love that about BOTH of us. That counts right?

9. I have an ALMOST entirely clean driving record. I have gotten one ticket in the crazy maze that is downtown Waterloo because I was confused and ran a red light going 15 mph. BUT OTHER THAN THAT my record is spotless. My friends may make fun of my for my grandma like driving tendencies (SHUT UP JESSICA NO ONE ASKED YOU! YES THE LIGHT IS GREEN. NO, I DON’T KNOW WHY I AM STOPPING!) but hey, my insurance rates rock so I’ll keep the grandma driving coming.

10. Eisley. The fact that my body created and nourished her is the biggest and best accomplishment of my entire life. Hands down. Good job, body. YOU ROCK!

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  1. I love this post. It's a good reminder on those days when I'm feeling like a case of mediocrity because I never have enough time for anything these days.

    1. I feel ya, girl. Sometimes I can't shake that BLAH feeling and it's really nice to sit back and think "I like me. What do I like about me?" Makes me realize I'm more awesome than I think! ;)

      ♥ nicole

  2. This is so great! We all need to be reminded of the things we like about ourselves, especially in a society where we are constantly being told we're not good enough. And I'm totally jealous of your practically perfect driving record!

    1. It's so true. I'm starting to reach a point in my growth of self love where I realize that I can't compare myself to others because they are not me. There are a lot of factors that make them different than me. :)

      ♥ nicole


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