Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gold Dipped Feather DIY


I’ve been LOVING paint dipped & gold EVERYTHING lately. So when I saw THIS post on Craftaholics Anonymous I knew I wanted to add some paint dipped feathers to my décor. However, I wanted gold dipped feathers that I could incorporate into my winter décor as well. Gold and SPARKLTASTIC! Okay. That was a little much but you get the point. So, while at the store, I picked up some white feathers, gold paint and a big ol’ shaker of gold glitter. And after perusing Pinterest apparently I was spot on. My colander drying technique which I thought was OH SO INNOVATIVE was used by others as well. Great minds think alike, right?

I seriously got all these supplies, minus the feathers, at Walmart for $1.25 or less! The feathers were $1.99 at Hobby Lobby. Also, Hobby Lobby seems to always have 40% off coupons… USE THEM!
Throw a glob of paint on a plate ( or newspaper in my case) and paint as much of the feather as you would like. You can also use your sponge or brush to separate the feather a bit if that’s the look you’re going for.

Sprinkle the glitter on the wet paint &…

Shake it off! TA DA!!!!

I dried my feathers by sticking the ends in a colander. You could do this to dry a TON of feathers if you wanted to make some garland. How cute would that be?


How pretty are those? I’m in love! I actually have them decorating two different rooms. I can’t help it, they’re so pretty!

Like I said, you could make them into garland if you like or you could hang them from a dream catcher! I decided to put mine in jars. This one above is in my living room in a large jar filled with dry lima beans and the ones in our dining room are in a smaller jar without any filler. It looks great either way, really!

Any other paint dipped or gold crafts you’ve seen lately? Link me up, I’d love to try them! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far!



  1. jealous of your awesome pictures!
    i wish i could be crafty. but it gives me anxiety wondering what id do with it until the next season. hahaa

    1. Oh my gosh, step one was the nice camera, but now I'm just obssessed with taking pictures of Eisley and everything around me. Oh look, a lamp! Look 400 pictures of Chewy! I'm a goon. Oh, my decor usually stays out too long and then I end up throwing it all into plastic tubs!


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