Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 25

I'm going to be honest. It was hard for me to convince myself to take a photo this week because I have been pretty sick and haven't gotten much sleep at all. Hence the reason that I am wearing sweats, Andrew's shirt and have a messy poof of hair. Keeping it classy.

 photo week25_zps042b1371.jpg

How big is baby? Baby Harnois is the size of a cauliflower! Baby is 13.6 to 14.8  inches big and 1.5 lbs to 2.5 lbs ! She's enjoying her new sense of equilibrium -- she now knows which way is up and down and she is growing more fat and more hair too!

Maternity clothes? Seriously, someone drag me to the store and force me to buy some cute clothes.

Sleep has been HORRID this week. I've been sick so I haven't had much for sleep.

Best moment this week:
My mom and I painted the trim and doors in the upstairs/nursery. If Andrew finishes the painting I think we will OFFICIALLY be done painting this weekend. This has been a very time consuming process but considering we have basically entirely redone the entire upstairs, it's understandable.

Yes. I'm so in love with feeling her move.
Food cravings: Nothing. I've been forcing myself to eat the past couple days because I haven't felt well.

Food Aversions:
Gender: Little Baby Harnois is a girl!
Labor Signs: None

Pregnancy Symptoms: Exhaustion, frequent urination, baby belly!

Belly Button in or out? I say out but Andrew says he thinks only half of it is totally out. Dork.

What I miss: This week? Sleep.

What I am looking forward to: Feeling better! OH & Andrew is talking me on a weekend getaway slash babymoon the weekend of my birthday. I'm so excited!

Upcoming appointments/events: Our 28 week appointment and my GD test is on April 24th. I misspoke on the last post!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm not doing too well on this weekly wisdom thing. Sleep deprivation and illness don't lend to a creative mind.

Milestones: Andrew finally got to watch baby girl move around. He poked my belly and she pushed back and we watched her move around. I can't wait to meet her...

OH, & here are some of the headbands I've been making for our little lady the past week or so.

 photo tullebows_zps3561bcbe.jpg
 photo rolled_zpsdd3996fc.jpg
 photo greyrolled_zps11de798d.jpg
 photo whites_zpsef9aad96.jpg
 photo bow_zpsc74bdccc.jpg

Okay, I'm now going to curl into a ball, drink some tea and pout until I have to go to work. Blah.


  1. You made those!?? So adorable! If I have a girl you'll be getting a message from me ;)

    1. I would be more than happy to make you some! They're so fun!


  3. i just die over the headbands!
    and im with you on the painting. long process. i cant wait to be done with our crap either. all we have left is the trim, thank heavens!
    i also love your hair. and rock hubbys shirts all the time too. hehe!

    1. Hahah, I've slowly been taking over Andrew's wardrobe! It's funny because he's actually pretty scrawny, but he has such a long torso that his shirts fit over my belly better than my own!


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