Friday, April 12, 2013

Scariest Day of My Life So Far.

So, I've been sick since Sunday. I have Monday's off so I sat at home feeling my little lady wiggle and squirm as per usual. Tuesday came and I felt worse. I spent a lot of time bumming and feeling like crap and then went to work. I worked my scheduled appointments and then came home for dinner with Andrew. I realized after dinner I hadn't remembered feeling her all day. So I chugged a glass of orange juice and after feeling what felt like a little wiggle, I felt more reassured and went to bed.
Well, yesterday I worked a much longer shift at the salon & I was still feeling pretty ick. I was trying to force down food for baby but everything tasted gross and made me feel gross. I went through the work day and then realized around 3 that I again wasn't really feeling her. So I finished up work a little early, called my midwife around 4:45 and told her what was going on. She was headed to L&D for a delivery and to meet her there and she would check me out. Crap.
So Andrew and I met up and went to L&D together. This is when my true panic set it. I could hear babies being born and crying and I wanted to bawl. I've had the perfect pregnancy so far and I was convinced I had lost her and hearing all the babies crying was breaking my heart. So, we got in and I changed into a gown, peed in a cup and she laid me down to hook me to the monitor. 158 popped on the screen for a second. Then nothing. My midwife got a call her mother was ready to push and she ran off so we were left with the nurse.

The nurse thought her heartrate dropped to 120 for some odd reason and then realized it was mine. Nothing for probably five minutes but the faint sound of my own  heart. The longest, slowest five minutes of my entire life. Andrew was holding my hand and I had my eyes closed so tight just praying that everything was fine.
Towards the tail end of that five minutes we heard a thump. "She kicked me!" the nurse yelped. I didn't even really feel it because I was so caught up in my inside my head prayers. After feeling the kick she moved the monitor around and finally we heard the strong woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh of my baby girls heart. For about 2 minutes we finally listened to her heartbeat which sat between 154-168 BPM. Usually in the high 150's until Andrew would talk to my belly and her heartrate would get higher and higher. And finally, after almsot 2 days, I finally felt my baby girl kick and we also heard the kick on the monitor. I felt the pressure shift in my belly and she moved away from the monitor again. We couldn't hear her heartbeat anymore, but we felt and heard her kick again. She came back on the doppler for about 10 seconds a minute or so later before the nurse came back with my midwife. We concluded that she was just being stubborn and that I'll follow up with my midwife with an appointment on Monday.

So scariest day of my life so far. I've had such a perfect, care free pregnancy and I am so glad that my midwife realized that I wasn't trying to be a spaz and went out of her way to stop in and make sure that me and baby were perfectly okay. And of course, since we were at the hospital she hasn't STOPPED moving. Which I'm grateful for. I love this peanut so much. I am so glad that everything is fine, but I hope that she decides to NEVER do that again.

On a lighter note, our second order of cloth diapers came in! This weekend I'm going to prep the diapers and I'm going to order more in a couple weeks as well as some newborn cloth diapers.


  1. so so glad you are babes are okay! i hate that you had to have that fear instilled in you!

    1. Scared the total bajeebus out of me! You've been there, too, so you know what it's like. Glad we have happy healthy babies that just like to be stinkers!


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