Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Andrew and I decided that we need to go pick out paint for our little lady's nursery tonight when I get off work, so I decided to post some of the photos that have been giving me inspiration for her room. We decided not to really pick a 'theme' and instead chose colors & patterns. We are going to be doing blush pink, aqua & grey with hints of chevron. That way she can grow into the room a little more easily as she gets older.

 photo il_570xN276332295_zps08ecc5da.jpg
 photo 0c095650c7ef92f15b53e23b0c178f70_zps46f3d0cd.jpg
 photo 277b953a5ef1682f9ed7a7bd38b9ac02_zps76669b9f.jpg photo doopded_zps40449a55.jpg photo da4cf40967e2116137197e8bbded2228_zps4786e352.jpg photo doopdedoo_zps0e961d0f.jpg photo e50775c8bf5c9324f770eff5fea06884_zpsde1ad105.jpg photo il_570xN320298994_zpse1da3bf3.jpg photo olives-nursery-3_zps5e389791.jpg photo olives-nursery-4_zpsd1a60904.jpg photo olives-nursery-6_zps5c845364.jpg photo print_zps2ab41278.jpg photo wonderful_zpsaddce061.jpg
We've decided to do light grey on her walls and accent with the other colors and patterns. Sadly, I know too well how many shades and tones of 'light grey' there are so this might be quite a task. I can't wait to start putting her room together, though, so we need to get the painting out of the way!

Happy Hump Day, everyone! I will be 22 weeks tomorrow, so look out for my 21 week update at some point tomorrow!

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  1. Cute ideas!! The white snow flake looking light in the 9th pic (i think) is the same lights fixture we have in our salon. you can get it at IKEA :)


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