Wednesday, January 23, 2013

old wives tales.

old wives tale:

1.  how you carry: they say if you carry in the front, its a boy. if you expand horizontally, its a girl.
     a. . I am 14 weeks  6 days and not showing too much but so far I would say that I am carrying low and in front. So we will go with boy.

2. heart rate: they say if its typically under 150/140, its a boy. if its over, its a girl.
     a. The last time we heard the heartbeat was 11 weeks 5 days and it was 169/171. girl.

3. cravings: if youre typically craving sweets, its a girl. salty & sour foods, its a boy.
    a. It really depends on the time of day for me. Around big meals I always want salts and carbs but afternoon time I always want skittles. So let's say boy.

4. acne: if youre breaking out, the girl is stealing your beauty. skins smooth with a glow? boy.
    a. I've been getting acne for the first time in my life, ugh. girl.

5. clumsiness: if you're more clumsy during pregnancy, hes a boy. if nothing changes, shes a girl.
    a. i am clumsy all the time but the major preggo brain isn't helping that lately. boy.

6. chinese gender test: it just tells you boy or girl based on your conception/birthday dates.
    a.  My pregnant coworker/friend did one at work and it said I was having a girl but I took one at home that said  boy. 

7. dads weight gain: if dad gains sympathy weight, baby is a boy. if not, baby is a girl.
    a. Andrew is STILL the scrawniest man ever but he HAS acquired a little belly that I keep joking about! boy. 

8. skin: if youre skin is dry, its a boy. if it is soft, its a girl.
    a. My skin is notoriously dry as it is, but since I've been pregnant my lips and nose have both cracked and I have started to get bloody noses a lot. boy.

BOY = 6           GIRL = 3        

This honestly doesn't surprise me at all. I have been thoroughly convinced since I was about 11 weeks pregnant that we are having a boy. Before that I had no feelings either way.  Obviously, none of this is proven true, but it's so fun to do anyways! I'm going to feel terrible if Baby Harnois ends up being a little lady because I call the baby a he all the time.

I stole this little wives tale thing from Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk, another mommy expecting in July! Check out her blog, it's super adorable!

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  1. I'll have to see when I get a little farther along. Just for fun, we aren't finding out until it's born. I did read that many people get acne in the first trimester because of hormone changes, regardless of gender. We'll see! :) My husband hasn't gained any weight yet, but then neither have I.


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