Monday, June 16, 2014

Eisley Mae: 10 Months Old


Eisley Mae Harnois
17 lbs 8 oz
?? inches long (She’s napping but I’ll TOTALLY update this when I figure it out!)

Wow, friends. My sweet baby  is getting so big! This is her 10 month update, but at the moment, she is 11 months old and I have one month before I have a one year old. AHHHHH!  Eisley has been teething a ton lately, but STILL only has two teefers! The top tooth started to break through but then regressed back. I feel bad for my poor munchkin’s gums. Mean mean little teeth. Eisley hasn’t had any spells since her last monthly update, and I feel extremely blessed about that. Eisley is not only a full time walker but is like, running? YUP, I can do that. Which has created some spills, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She got her first non-falling into a wall boo boo at the park the other day. She fell in the woodchips and scratched her face. She seemed upset for just a moment and then was over it. My tough little cookie.


Eisley loves music, dancing (which has gone from swaying and bouncing to full on boogie time), singing, saying uh oh, mama, dada & puppa. She loves shaking her head no, Chewy, noodles,waving bye in the three different ways she’s learned how to, she loves giving hugs, and if you’re lucky she’ll hand out smooches too. She still hates getting her diaper changed, though I’ve mastered the art of distraction, being told no (which I don’t think will ever change), and the nose frida. Which she never seemed to mind before, but apparently we loathe it this month. –sigh-


What I’m REALLY loving this month is that Eisley is working SO hard to say Mom and really emphasizing her m’s when she’s saying mama. It’s become less gibberish sounding and more like an actual word that she understands. I love it and it’s so completely adorable. She also says uh oh all the time now and I can’t get over it. We might say Uh Oh a little too much around here because hearing her little voice seriously makes my day.


I’m totally being one of those photographer mom’s and taking multiple rounds of 1 year pics (the first round of which I will post soon) so you’ll probably see that before an 11 month update where I will be mopping like a mad woman. Prepare yourself.


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