Friday, May 2, 2014

My 5 Favorite Blogs Right Now

Brittany Louise:

I love reading Brittany’s blog! Not only are we both photographers but we are both mommies to adorable little girls so her posts are always relatable. It’s been awesome watching her adorable little miss grow and nodding along through the good and the bad.
Midwest Pillowtalk

I love Sarah for a variety of reasons! She’s adorable, lives in the midwest,  AND has an awesome sense of style, but she’s also one of my closest mommy friends because we both had babies due in July. We grew our bumps together and we have shared pregnancy and mommy triumphs and downfalls. Basically, Sarah rocks!

Little Baby Garvin:

Not only is Jessica a former Iowa girl, she has an adorable sense of style and dresses her little one (now two!) in the most adorable outfits imaginable. Additionally, she inspired me to document my own pregnancy via chalkboard. Awesomesauce.

A Beautiful Mess:

If you have ever been to ABM’s blog or used the ABM this love needs no explanation. I love everything they post from the recipes to the DIY tutorials. They also teamed up with Kelly Moore to create what has become my dream camera bag. Someday!

Hannah obviously rocks because she’s been my friend since middle school and was a bridesmaid in my wedding (and hosted a badass wedding shower AND bachelorette party!). just started up blogging again, but she was always one of my favorite blogs to read and that hasn’t changed one bit. She’s also going to be a contributor to Spiffy Sunday’s on my photography blog!


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