Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What’s in our Easter baskets?

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One thing I love about the holidays since Eisley joined our family, is finding little gifts that she will enjoy. I seriously love hunting down fun toys for her, I could spend all day doing it. No joke. With Easter coming up soon, I’ve found a few things I would love to add to her Easter basket (and mine, because why not?)


We actually already purchased the Mooshka doll. We got a CPR kit and Eisley wouldn’t leave the dummy baby alone, so we ended up getting her Myra so she’ll have her own baby. The vegetable set is just something for her to mess around with now, but we already plan on getting her a kitchen for her birthday. And the third is an OXO Tot Straw Cup. Eisley is obsessed with drinking out of things, but only if they have a straw so these are perfect.

One: Mooshka Girls Doll - Myra
Two: Duktig 14-piece Vegetables Set
Three: OXO Tot Straw Cup


Number one is because girlfriend needs some yummy spring/summer sandals and now that I’m out of the salon I want something other than BLACK. Number two because, well, it’s hilarious. & Number three because I haven’t had a decent cover for my Iphone since I bought the damn thing. And I like floral ( really who doesn’t?).

Ones: Woman's Shoes at Payless.com
Two: Morning Mug (1)
Three: Hybrid High Impact Hard Vintage Sea Green Floral Pattern + Pink Silicone Case


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