Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eisley Mae: 8 Months Old


Eisley Mae Harnois
16 lbs 9 oz
26.75 inches long -

What a month full of wonderfulness. We truly have an incredible little girl. Although things started off rough with being diagnosed with BHS and having a large outburst in them, we started taking Eisley to a chiropractor and have literally not had a single spell for two weeks. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I’m not betting on it. Not only have the adjustments helped the BHS but Eisley has a napping schedule! WHAT? Yes, for the first time since she was three months old, Eisley has decided to introduce schedule to her sleep routine. What a concept! Eisley is continuing to be more and more brave. I continue to be proud and terrified. She is getting better and better at walking. She can walk across half of the room and although she’s getting better at catching herself when she falls, she still biffs it from time to time. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to bother my little brave lady. In fact, if we don’t show distress when she takes a spill she usually starts laughing. How funny is it that they can just read us so easily?


Eisley’s loving sippy cups with straws, corn, swimming, baths, singing, tickles, Chewy running around the house, open mouth kisses, rubbing her face against our faces, car rides, pulling everything out of her toy box and sitting on it and waving goodbye. She hates getting her diaper changed, the sound of compressed air, being pulled away from the TV stand or being told no when she tries to crawl up on it, getting her clothes changed, and she hates being tired. Kind of an obvious one but she fights it so hard sometimes at night that I worry I’ll go nutty.


Eisley is getting wonderful at verbally communicating with us. Not much of it has any understandable wording, but she is learning that she needs to verbally interact with us to get things done. She’s still wonderful at saying mama and dada and also says baba puppa (puppy) and has been saying bye bye/die die but not necessarily when someone is leaving. She loves clapping her hands and feeling our lips with her hands. It’s super adorable. She’s also a huge fan of making really loud raspberries on our shoulders or even tummies if she can get to them. She always does it and then pulls her head back smiling like, you saw that right? I’m pretty funny, huh?


Eisley’s been doing pretty well with sleeping in her own room. She’s ventured back a couple times after the fainting spell when she had her BHS spell and a bout of teething, but she honestly seems to sleep a lot better upstairs in her own space. Again, bitersweet mommy moment.


We also went to University of Iowa Children’s Hospital this month. If any of you have read my birth story you’ll know that when Eisley was born due to that fact that she was sunny side up and at an angle during delivery the left side of her face  and body was pretty weak muscles wise. This was a meeting with a neurologist in order to make sure she wasn’t at risk for any sort of palsy or other things that can be related to a situation like that. He said she looks fantastic, is ahead as far as milestones go and that they only other step we have left is to see an ophthalmologist when she’s a year old. He says if we get the all clear from them, there shouldn’t be any related issues. What a blessing and a relief that was to hear. Especially since I woke up that morning under the impression that we were going to be sending Eisley in for and MRI. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case.

I can’t believe that my little munchkin is going to be 9 months old in two days. TWO DAYS!!! Three months and two days and I’ll have a one year old. STAPPPPPP ETTT.


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