Monday, January 6, 2014

FREE Groovebook!

So if anyone who reads this follows any of my other social media outlets you’ll know that right now my current obsession is Becky Higgins Project Life form of scrapbooking! I’ve been trying to find a good way to document on Eisley’s life on paper and this is the perfect way.

projectlifeAnywho, so I was meandering through my facebook feed a few weeks back and my girlfriend Gracie posted about this free app called Groovebook. Being the app addict I am I decided to check it out and HOLY CRAP IS IT AMAZING. So here’s the premise of it all.

1. You go through your phone and choose 100 photos.
2. You add them to your book.
3. You pay ONLY $2.99 and receive a book of 100 photos!

That’s it. NO JOKE. So, the information my friend provided gave me a code for a free book so I figured what was the harm? If I didn’t like it, I’d unsubscribe from it, right?

OH my gosh it’s AWESOME. The photo paper is a little thinner than your average photo stock paper, but it is AMAZING for the price and works great for my Project Life albums ( yes plural ).

So, in my book they included a coupon code for all of my friends (THAT’S YOU!) for you to get your very won FREE groovebook!


Get your free book and want more? NO BIG! It’s only $2.99 every month and if you want extra books it’s just an additional $2.99! You can see me flip through my book on my instagram here. You can be like me and tear them our and size them for you album or you can keep them in the book for yourself or as a SUPER cheap gift for a friend or family member! Also, you’ll be provided with your very own coupon code when you receive YOUR book and you’ll have the opportunity to earn more free books as well as other stuff!

Hope you enjoy your free book!


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