Monday, January 20, 2014

Easy Peasy DIY Wall Art

If you didn’t already know, I’m a pretty frugal lady. I’ve pursued Pinterest (as I often do, especially while nursing) and seen many a gallery wall that I’ve fancied. If you’ve checked my boards you’ll know it’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with this idea for just about, well, forever. But remember, I’m cheap. This lady isn’t going to spend even $4-5 a frame because that adds up! Soooooo, since before Eisley was born I’ve been collecting lots of frames and wall hangings from the local Goodwill here and there. One of the things I picked up was a set of embroidery hoops, one with a puffy mallard duck and another with a puffy moose. Both trimmed with lace. Yeah. Super cute.

So, Andrew and I removed the inner hoops and tore all the ‘beautiful’ fabric off. I’d gone and purchased this awesome printed burlap at Joann’s I bought a 1/2 yard at $9.99 a yard. Which was still cheap, but I have tons of leftover fabric, so I could have easily done with less (lesson learned).

photo 1(3)

Next, I took the fabric and aligned it the way that I liked and pushed the inner hoop back into the outter hoop. I then tightned the outter hoop again and pulled the burlap tight & cut the excess of so there was just enough fabric to fold over and glue.

photo 2(2)

Then, YOU GUESSED IT, fold over and hot glue that sucka! Make sure to be careful. I just used my finger to push down, but being a hairstylist, my fingers are pretty numb to heat. The burlap has small holes so I suggest using an unsharpened pencil to push the burlap down so you don’t have moten hot glue stuck to your skin.

photo 3(2)

The place and nail and hang! TADA! Pretty easy huh? I’ve got two and I thnk they’re a WONDERFUL addition to the gallery wall I’m working on!

photo 4(1)

Have you ever made your own pieces for YOUR gallery wall? Link me, I’d love to see them!


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  1. I LOVE that burlap. I keep picking it up in the store and then putting it back because I love it but I'm not 100% set on what to do with it. This is super cute!


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