Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eisley’s First Christmas Wishlist

one/ two/ three/ four/ five

Okay, so as I’m sure you’re aware of  this is actually more of a things mommy thinks Eisley would love list, since she’s not really old enough to be circling her favorite things in the toy catalog quite yet. I wanted to include some things she can grow with as well as some things that are perfect for her right now while she’s in this see, feel, hear stage. The little piano is actually set to be delivered today! Andrew and I have also decided to go to the store and each pick out something from just us for Eisley so that we’re surprised at what she’s getting as well. I’m so excited for Eisley’s first Christmas! Is it the 25th yet?!



  1. That piano is such a cute gift! First Christmases are the best. You two are such wonderful parents :)

    1. Thanks Kaitlin! I"m so excited for Christmas, it's a little ridiculous!

  2. Awww this is so adorable! That little piano is perfect, and I would have looooved that giraffe when I was a little girl!

    1. Yes, we got it in the mail and it's just as cute in person! Oh my gosh, I know! I told Andrew I think I am living out my childhood dreams through Eisley. Getting her all the things I wanted when I was little! :)


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