Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eisley Mae: Four Months Old

four months

Eisley Mae Harnois
12 lbs 4 oz
24 1/2 inches long
Little miss still prefers to be held standing rather than ‘held like a baby’. This past month she started rolling from back to tummy and ends up flipping on to her tummy in her sleep every night. She wants to crawl so badly! She gets super flustered and only ends up pulling herself up or moving her legs. She can’t seem to move them both at once. It’s actually pretty cute.


She’s working on sitting up on her own. The boppy doesn’t do us much good anymore because she refuses to lay in it. She wants to sit up straight so we mostly only use it for tummy time now. I’ve been loving listening to her precious belly laugh lately. It’s my favorite sound. She also has been really into pulling her binky out of her mouth just so she can put it back in. She pull it out, spin it, put it in, pull it out, put it in, pull it out, switch hands, put it in. It’s so much fun watching her learn. She loves sticking her tongue out and if you do so as well she will copy you. When we were at her four month doctor appointment she mimicked me saying uh oh. I thought that I was imagining things at first until the doctor looked up from his chart and said

”Did she just say uh oh?”

So apparently I’m not crazy. HA.

Also, to anyone interested, I will be posting the gold bow in my shop sometime this holiday weekend!



  1. adorable outfit! i am in love with the gold and the LOVE - so cute.

  2. Those cheeks! Your little girl seems pretty advanced! That's awesome. I can't wait for this :)
    xo kristen genevieve

    sunny bloglovin


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