Thursday, October 31, 2013

Because Snow White liked hanging out in the Old West.

A costume idea for Eisley did not come Eisley to me this year. I had dreams of hand making her something beautiful but lets be honest, that’s not happening with a 3 month old that makes their own schedule & isn’t quite old enough to entertain themselves. I scoured Amazon trying to find something ‘different’ and anything I did like was way more than I wanted to pay. I was dead set on having her be Princess Leia but didn’t want to make the costume myself & the one I could find online had horrible reviews. And then I found a Snow White costume that was adorable. But it had mixed reviews on sizing and I was convinced we would get it and it would be WAYYY to small or WAYYYY to big. So after trying every store and finding nothing but lion costumes it Eisley’s size we went to Toys R Us where they had a Snow White costume! It was a six month costume but it looked like it would fit her so we got it! Got it home and the slippers and bow didn’t fit at all but the costume fit perfectly! Luckily I had a red pair of flats and a bow I could use anyway, so it worked out just fine.

Our Costumes cost probably 1/18th of what Eisleys did combined, but that's okay. We got shirts 50% off at Goodwill, belts & I did a little accessorizing and beard making with felt and yarn. You know how I roll.

My parents church puts on a Western Town indoor trick or treat even every year & it is AWESOME. On Sunday, we took Eisley there and it was so neat! She was quite fussy as we woke her up from a nap to bring her in & she wasn’t too happy about it. It was really neat to introduce her to friends from church that have known me since I was a tot.

Happy Halloween, y’all!



  1. i love how creative you were with the costumes! adorbs!!

  2. Ahhh, so so so cute!! I love your costumes! Seeing an original costume is so refreshing! You did SUCH a good job with them!

    1. Thanks so much! I seriously appreciate it! We had so much fun making them and it was fun to see peoples reactions at the fact that we were all dressed up together. :)


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