Wednesday, September 4, 2013



Want to know something terrible? I am not fond of people to coming into my house sometimes. Not because it’s dirty or disorganized but because I don’t feel like my home reflects our personal style AT ALL. We closed on our house in May of 2012 and at the time we were planning a wedding so we didn’t do much decorating. Then only a few weeks after our wedding, my father in law passed away and that put us on a life stand still for a while. Then, in November we found out we were expecting. That set us on a roll. We redecorated the dining room ( minus the trim, we still have to paint the trim, oops!) and we COMPLETELY redid the upstairs which is now Eisley’s bedroom/playroom. And then we hit a standstill again. I got largely pregnant and I was either too tired or I was too swollen to do anything. Then Eisley was born & I sat and did nothing but stare at her for a few weeks and then decided there is a lot we should get done before she’s big enough to start getting into things when we’re working on it. Right now almost every inch of every room is screaming for a coat of paint. We’re still using the heavy beige floral curtains that were in the living room when we bought the house. Still there, hanging sadly from the curtain rods.  Our kitchen & mudroom are sitting in disarray due to failed attempts at removing the wallpaper that the former owners decided to paste DIRECTLY onto the drywall. Our home needs new life breathed into it. Or blown into it, really. Like a hurricane.


Of course, being new parents, I’m trying to do this in as budget friendly of a way as possible. I’m starting with our living room & recovering the couch cushions & going from there. I plan sharing “before” photos as well as photos as I go, but I would LOVE input! Any ideas or advice are totally welcome.  We can’t wait to get rolling on it all!



  1. i love your middle picture! you are workin that camera girl!

    1. I'm trying! Hahaha, it's so much fun! Great investment!


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