Wednesday, August 28, 2013

slow down.

Happy Girl

Seriously, how lucky am I to be so blessed to wake up to this beautiful smile each and every day? I always joke with Andrew that it's pretty amazing how two people as goofy looking as we are could create such a gorgeous little girl. But on a serious note I can't get over her. I spend a good portion of the time she's awake covering her in little kisses and watching as she smiles and giggles back at me. I'm so blown away at how fast time has gone by. I feel like I just had her & here I am not with a 6 week old. I know it's cheesy and sappy but I am so convinced I'm going to blink or sneeze & I'm going to have a fully mobile 1 year old. Slow down, time. Let me take in this sweet baby girl while I can.

Beautiful Girl

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  1. Just stopping by your blog for the first time, and your little lady is just adorable! Congrats, momma!!!!


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