Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 38

So, I may be driving myself a little crazy. Why is it that it feels like the first 37 weeks flew by and now I feel like thee days are slooooooooowly tutting along. I can't wait to meet this little booger. I've stopped worrying about hanging pictures in her room until I either start maternity leave or after she's here, whichever happens first. I remember that being my biggest concern just weeks ago & now I just want her here already. Screw decorations! I'm ready for my booger & so is my body. I'm so swollen everywhere it isn't even funny.

 photo week38_zps74937fd8.jpg

How big is baby? Baby Harnois is the size of a stalk of rhubarb ! Baby is 18.9 to 20.9  inches long and 6.2 lbs to 9.2 lbs ! She may have up to an inch of hair already and she is slowly shedding vernix (the white goo on her skin) but you may see some of it at birth.

Maternity clothes
? Yes!
Sleep: Up. All the time. The usual suspect. As expected. Hopefully soon it will be because I'm feeding her, not because I'm peeing all the time.

Best moment this week:
Working on my feet has definitely not been the best moment. I am, however, really going to miss my clients while I'm on leave! My last day before I go on leave is this coming Saturday, the 13th. We had our 39 week appointment and the nurse requested we do a check so my midwife did a check and I am 2 cm & my cervix is really soft. Our next/last appointment is set for our due date next Thursday the 18th! 

Movement: Yep! All the time. Love feeling my little wiggle worm move around.

Food cravings: My friend/coworker introduced me to food from a place in town called Edo's & now I'm having dreams about cheeseburgers. I need to shake that.

Food Aversions: NADA.

Gender: Little Baby Harnois is a precious baby girl!

Labor Signs: BH contractions & pelvic pain.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Exhaustion, peeing a million times a day, a wonderful, ever growing baby bump.

Belly Button in or out? Out!

What I miss: A full nights sleep. Energy. Hands that aren't numb.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our precious baby. That's all I can see right now.

Upcoming appointments/events: Our last appointment, our 40 week appointment, is July 18th. Other than that, it's a waiting game.

Weekly Wisdom: Cherry Pit bags are amazing. They've helped soothe my swelling a little.

Milestones: The end is near!

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